Saturday, August 6, 2011

August Playlist

I've decided that every month, I will post a list of songs that I find on the net. It's more for my benefit that yours because God knows how I should remember the bands that I like. My memory sucks like that, yes.

Here's the one for August:

1. Vetiver - Wonder Why
2. Niki and the Dove - The Fox
3. Papercuts - Do You Really Wanna Know
4. Fruit Bats - You're Too Weird
5. Chad Vangaalen - Sara
6. Low - Especially Me
7. Sebadoh - Skull

I especially like Fruit Bats because they are outrageously funny without being too campy. They're going to release a new album in September, I believe. Go check them out.  They're on YT, under SubPop records. I like this label's artists mhm.


  1. Fruit bats!!! You are obssessed.

  2. I can't even listen to music these days :((