Monday, June 30, 2014

My Awesome List

My best friend Kat challenged me to think of ten things I like about myself and then write them on my blog. If she had asked me to do this five months ago, I would have probably said that the only good about me is that I have the ability to avoid getting hit by a truck despite making strategic attempts to.

Now is a different story. Now, ten is just too easy.

Ten Reasons Why I'm Awesome:

1. I am a pro at job interviews
2. I give great advice
3. I am a fantastic listener
4. You can sit me beside ANYBODY and I'll be best friends with them after five minutes
5. You can trust me with any valuable or any amount of money and I will never get the urge to steal it. This must have something to do with my remote interest in material things
6. I am unbelievably good with children
7. I am a loyal friend
8. I am generous (to a fault, sometimes)
9. I have great legs even though I'm short
10. I'd just have my girl Iggy sing this one for me:

Aww yeah.