Thursday, April 14, 2016

Revival of the Fittest

So I’m going to revive this blog by saying that I want to revive my other blog (the one on fashion, which I haven’t updated in years yet coincidentally, gets more hits than this one. Like what). I have been shopping constantly lately (despite the fact that I can't even feed myself three times a day), and although I’m pretty sure I will regret this in the very near future, I want to share my hauls with other cheap queens who would only wear H&M if it was an overrun.

And there’s this, too:

1. Visit all UP campuses
           UP Diliman
           UP Baguio
           UP Los Banos
           UP Cebu
2. Watch an Up Dharma Down gig live
3. Go somewhere far, alone
4. Come up to a stranger I'm attracted to and tell him/her that I find him/her attractive
5. Design (and pay for) my dream bedroom
6. Read Pride and Prejudice in one day
7. Go on a candlelit dinner date
8. Buy my parents new wedding rings
9. Save 100k
10. Find a man who will love all of me
11. Go to a gay bar.

Apparently, straight guys still exist. And most importantly, I can still get one to like me.