Thursday, September 15, 2011

Poetry Fix Yay

I've decided to compile every piece of fiction/poetry I've posted all throughout the years. As a back-up, I'm going to post some of the more recent here.  These are for the 100 Loves Compilation.

Reflecting (9/15/11)

There are days that I'd like you to be a mirror. So that when I look at you, our longing is equal. When I reach out to you, our want is the same. And when I show you the concave swells of fat on my belly, you do not make it smaller. You let my scars stay where they are.

But there are days that I wouldn't like you to be a mirror. So that when I turn my back on you, you still face me. And when I tell you I love you, you don't just mouth the words.

Daydreaming (9/12/11)

To sleep perchance to dream
of him. Of us. Of the places
we have never been
but are.
Where everything is
what I think of.
He sits with me, and
we eat
whatever we want
whenever we want.
Where happiness is just
a mind’s turn away
from reality.

There is such a place
and there is none.
Fluff and clouds and blur and
coffee that we stir
forever. Never growing cold.
Never growing old.

Where there’s a heart;
it is shared, like two halves
of a bun.
One for you.
Won for me.

To sleep perchance to dream.
Of him.