Sunday, May 31, 2015

Nothing is Too Late

"Hi jaja your existence gives me hope for the human race <3"

Roughly a year ago, I was struggling with depression. Every day, I thought about killing myself. I never would have imagined that someone would ever say these words to me. It goes to show that no matter how useless you feel, there is someone out there who thinks the world is better because you decided to wake up one more time.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Updated Updated Bucket List

1. Visit all UP campuses
           UP Diliman
           UP Baguio
           UP Los Banos
2. Watch an Up Dharma Down gig live
3. Go somewhere far, alone
4. Come up to a stranger I'm attracted to and tell him/her that I find him/her attractive
5. Design (and pay for) my dream bedroom
6. Read Pride and Prejudice in one day
7. Go on a candlelit dinner date
8. Buy my parents new wedding rings
9. Save 100k
10. Find a man who will love all of me
11. Go to a gay bar.