Monday, July 4, 2011

Transformers 3: The Dark Side of the Moon

Just like most summer action blockbusters slated to be released this year, Transformers 3 is  an ambitious, visually stimulating yet intellect-insulting roller coaster ride. Which is why hordes of people want to watch it. And I did, too. I just resigned from my job and I think I owe my brain 2 hours and 45 minutes of shut down time to recuperate.

The thing is though, my mind still refuses to shut up even if I want it to hibernate. So here are some of the few questions I came up with while rubbing my aching neck:

1. Where did the twin Autobots from the previous movie go? And where the hell are the new ones from?
2.  9 Autobots VS 340894280 Decepticons = Say what?
3. What happened to the other Decepticons in the other parts of the world? Did they get sucked back into Cybertron?
4. If the Decepticons said they needed human slaves, then why the hell did it look like they were killing everyone?
5. If Megatron was so strong in the beginning, then why did he let Sentinel bitch him around?
6. Is Optimus Prime contractually bound to give out the moral lessons before and after every film?
7. Why does Spielberg have to ruin every movie with a lame kiss at the end?
8. How could Rose Huntington-Whiteley run around without ruining her heels?
9. Can I turn back time and just waste my 300 bucks on a bag of Lays and 2 beers?

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