Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Just in case you're wondering, yes, I do hate Rebecca Black's Friday (like everybody else within 10 light years of the earth). But I also can't help feeling pity for her. Can you imagine going back to school when everyone and their grandmother has seen your bashed video on YouTube and all the music critics rose up in unison to trample your fragile dreams of becoming the next Britney Bieber? I gotta tell you, the fact that she hasn't committed suicide means that Rebecca Black has one of the strongest wills on the planet. Not too strong to stab the Friday lyricist with a screwdriver but you gotta give the girl some props.

I'm sure she never imagined her song could evoke such extreme negative emotions, but Rebecca, honey, it would've helped if you tried not to look traumatized by your own song (is that even the right term for it? Or autotuned words with a beat fit more?). Ah, what teenage girls do to achieve (in)fame(y).

Case in point:

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