Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Second Saturday: Galli Village Cafe and Frosted Desserts

I was going to do something different this weekend but my brother got pneumonia and we had to stay in the hospital to watch over him, so I had to make do with a quick dinner and dessert with my best friend. It turned out to be real fun, though, so no regrets (also, my brother is better, so yay!).

At first, I wanted to go to When Uan Met sally, this artsy shop that also serves some snacks on the side, but when we got there, I figured I would spend so much on the store so since Galli Village Cafe is right beside it, we went in to give it a try.

Chillin' time
Galli Village Cafe is located at #154 Maginhawa and is small, with a chill, European cafe vibe. It has seats outside for smokers and people who don't want confined spaces. They serve a selection of Spanish cuisine and because my best friend and I were famished, we got Paella Valenciana for 2-3 people and it cost only 295php. We weren't able to eat all of it because the serving was huge. It was also very filling. I got another for take out to have my family try it, too. Next time, I want to try their all day breakfast dishes and probably some wine.

We decided to go to another place for dessert. I was torn between Bellatini Cafe and Frosted Desserts, but the best friend wanted to go to Bookay Ukay (I SAW MERCEDES CABRAL AGAIN OMG), so we headed to Frosted, at #57 Maginhawa.

Diabetes, here I come
That was also a great decision because we had really sumptious cupcakes and very nice tea (I had peppermint, best friend had lemon ginger).

He was tired of me taking pictures
The cupcake selection isn't too big but it is enough for people who have different tastes: they have premium and classic flavors. I had Jazzy Jane, a vanilla-flavored cupcake that made me want to live in it and eat the frosting forever. Best friend had double chocolate and banana nutella. Yes. Banana Nutella. They also had Smores, Snickers, and Red Velvet. I wanted to try EVERYTHING. But one cupcake is enough to fulfill your craving. If you want to get take out, though, you can (they have really nice packaging, too).

Sugar overload
The cupcakes are not expensive at all. Prices range from 50 to 80 pesos. They also have sundaes, which I can't wait to try on my next visit.

What I found most unique about Frosted is that they also bake cakes for dogs! They also sell pet treats at 120php per pack. I bought beefy gnoshers for my little boy (although he still has to get used to them; his one great love is Dentasticks). Huge plus: they're preservative-free (and that's why you have to refrigerate them).

It expires on Valentine's. Lol.
All in all, it was a nice little Saturday outing. Next week, however, is going to be a bit different because I'm going to a UK Education Fair! And that means one thing: guys with British accents hihihi.

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